Which Exercises Should I Do At Home Sioux City

Which Exercises Should I Do At Home Sioux City

Which Exercises Should I Do at Home?

Exercises and stretches are an important part of your recovery. They help increase strength in weak muscles in order to protect the injured joints and reduce stress on the ligaments. Flexibility enhances our movement and decreases the risk of certain injuries. At home, we want you to perform your assigned exercises and stretches.



On good days, perform all of your prescribed exercises to fatigue. Work on getting stronger and enhancing your muscle patterns. Getting stronger helps protect the joints and ligaments.


As a general rule, we always want you to perform them in a pain-free range of motion. If it is causing significant dull or sharp pain, stop immediately. A slight uncomfortable sensation can be okay in the later stages of healing. During the acute phase or during an exacerbation, we prefer that you modify the exercises and movements to decrease the stress and strain on your body. It is better to perform more light and comfortable repetitions then fewer exercises that produce pain.


Bridging exercises for back strength. Two feet apart.

The foundation of the bridging exercises. Two feet apart on the bench.

Exercises that cause pain will result in protective spasms. The body thinks that the activities are causing more damage, which will result in the body limiting your movements. It also produces more pain as the body is trying to get you to stop. This is why we have you perform the exercises in a light and pain-free range of motion. Gently rocking the joints establishes normal movements. Safe movements signal to the body that the joint is okay and can relax the protective muscle spasms. Light movements also block pain signals to the brain.


When you’re having a bad day, it is better to perform less of the prescribed exercises in a pain-free range of motion than it is to do too many and aggravate your injury. Some days you will have a bad day, and it is expected that you lighten your exercises on those days.


Plank Exercises with Two Exercise Balls

Anterior Plank Exercises with two exercise balls requires a strong core that properly works together.

Overall, perform your exercises and stretches in a pain-free range of motion. When in doubt, lighten the exercise and reduce the strain on your body. In baseball, swinging for the fences can result in home runs, but it also produces a lot of strikeouts. Trying to “hit home runs” on bad days will probably instead produce a “strikeout” and aggravate your condition. It is not worth the risk; be safe and cautious on bad days.


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