Could I Feel Worse After The First Treatment Sioux City

Could I Feel Worse After The First Treatment Sioux City

Could I Feel Worse after the First Treatment?

We always like to warn people that sometimes you can feel worse after your first treatment. Usually, when people first come into the office, their injuries are getting worse and they are going downhill. They are having more muscle spasms, guarding, and pain. On your first day, we go through an exam where we place stress and strain on the injured area. We are also trying to increase movement within the injured joint complex. We may try some exercises and stretches to help reduce the pain, but we are also trying to establish a baseline for your limited functional abilities.



We are challenging the injured area during the exam. We will do our best not to aggravate the injury, but sometimes challenging injured tissues can cause the body to spasm up and protect itself. The body is unsure about what is happening, so it defaults to a protective mechanism. It tries to protect itself first and figure out what happened second. This strategy sometimes results in more pain and discomfort, which will subside within a day or two.


Feeling worse after the first day does not happen often, but it can occur. If you feel like you are getting worse, it is always better to ice the injured area. Apply ice for 15 minutes and take the ice off for 15 minutes afterward. Repeat several times throughout the day and night.


As we mentioned, many people are going downhill when first coming into the office. Our goals are to level out your descent and get you moving back in the right direction. Some days we are unable to immediately stop your descent and are instead trying to slow its progression. With time and treatment, we will help you to move uphill and get out of pain.


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