Cold Lasers Speed Injury Repair Sioux City

Cold Lasers Speed Injury Repair Sioux City

Specific wavelengths of cold laser have been utilized in pain relief for many years. The laser’s wavelength helps block pain signals from being sent to the brain. Often, overactive pain nerves send excessive signals to the brain, which the brain interprets as a severe injury area and tries to protect the area by limiting its movement and function. These protective mechanisms inadvertently slow down the healing processes. A specific laser wavelength shuts off the overactive pain receptors that are sending bad information to the brain.


Lasers have more applications than pain relief in rehab and chiropractic therapies. In the previous paragraph, you may have noticed that I said “specific wavelength.” The goods news is that some lasers have more than one frequency and can provide more benefits to the healing process.



Cold lasers can accelerate healing and enhance therapeutic treatments. A different laser frequency turns on systems inside cells. For example, one wavelength increases energy production inside of a cell. A cell makes, stores, and uses ATP, which is the cell’s currency for energy.


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Injured cells have a tendency to run low on energy, which limits repair and healing. Cold lasers can turn on the machinery inside a cell’s mitochondria to increase energy production. The extra energy is then used for healing. If a cell has extra energy, it will spend it on the repair and healing processes. Ramping up ATP production creates excessive amounts of energy that is spent on healing. This is just like adding more people to a home remodel project; more people can get more things repaired in less time. In the same way, more energy will help the cell do more repairs in less time.


Other wavelengths of energy help activate fibroblasts inside the body, which are intricately involved in our tissue repair and healing. Activated fibroblasts produce more collagen for structural repair and healing.


Another laser frequency shuts off inflammatory cells. Excessive inflammation slows down the healing process. By limiting the amount of active inflammation, the tissue can heal and repair faster. Lasers also increase vasodilation, or blood flow to an area. Increased blood flow carries more nutrients to aid in the healing process.


Lasers can come in a variety of wavelengths, pulse frequencies, and power differences. Great information on cold laser therapy can be found on the K Laser website. By getting more of the building blocks for cellular repair, increasing the amount of energy, and activating more cells, the repair and healing process is enhanced with cold laser treatments.