Knee, Ankle, and Foot Exercises

Knee, Ankle, and Foot Exercises

Light Exercises

Single Leg Foam – Posterior Hip Bump



Lateral Hip Bumps on Foam



Rocker Board – Ankle Exercises



Single Leg and Tandem Stance



Single Leg Stance on Foam



Progression Unstable Surfaces Single Leg

Mild Exercises

  Side to Side Step on Foam



Single Leg Stance with Opposite Leg Step



Single Leg Foam – Flex, Abduction, and Extension



Single Leg on Foam with Opposite Leg Step



Slow Walk With Resistance



Resistance Band Side to Side Step Toes Out



Resistance Bands – Lateral Step Toes In



Standing on Upside Down Bosu Reach Two Hands



Standing Upside Down BOSU – Rolling



Upside Down BOSU – Forward, Back, Side to Side

Moderate Exercises

Wall Ball Two Foot Squat



Wall Ball Squat Tandem Stance



Standing 45, 90, 180 with Exercise Band



Standing Band – Hip Flexion and Abduction



Upside Down BOSU – Upper Body Rotation Stick



Upside Down BOSU – Single Leg Dumbbell



Two Leg Hamstring Pull – Bridge Position



Hamstring Strength – Single Leg Bridge Position

Difficult Exercises

  Rubber Band 45, 90, 180 on Rubber Disc



Single Leg – Two Surfaces



Foam Jump Single Leg for Ankle Stability



Jumping Rocker Board- Ankle Stability



Single Leg – Multiple Obstacles

Advanced Exercises

  Single Leg Jumps – Obstacles



Single Leg Jump – Two Heights



     Standing on Exercise Ball – Catch with Mickey



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