Hip and Squat Exercises

Hip and Squat Exercises

The following exercises are for increasing hip and lower back strength.  Strength and stability exercises combine multiple muscle groups and positions. The exercises increase in difficulty by adding an unstable surface or performing the exercises with either one or both eyes closed.


Wall Ball Two Foot Squat



Wall Ball Squat Tandem Stance



Lateral Hip Bumps on Foam



Single Leg Foam Posterior Hip Bump



Anterior View of Single Leg Foam



Resistance Band Side to Side Step Toes Out



Resistance Bands – Lateral Step Toes In



Resistance Bands  Lateral Steps Toes Straight



Standing Upside Down BOSU – Rolling



Upside Down BOSU – Forward, Back, Side to Side



Standing Upside Down BOSU – Reaching Two



Straight Leg Pelvis Lift



Single Leg Foam – Flex, Abductition, and Extension



Standing 45, 90, 180 with Exercise Band



Standing Resistance 45, 90, 180 – Too Fast Example



Bad Form – Don’t do it this way!



Standing Band – Hip Flexion and Abduction





Two Leg Hamstring Pull – Bridge Position





Single Leg Ball Hip Raise



Bridging Exercises for Low Back



Bridging with Two Feet Wide Apart



Bridging with Two Feet Closer Together



Hamstring Strength – Single Leg Bridge Position



Single Leg Bridge – Modified Position


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