Supraspinatus Tendinitis Pain Sioux City

Supraspinatus Tendinitis Pain Sioux City

supraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis, and infraspinatus muscles. A very common place to have tears and tendonitis is in the supraspinatus muscle, which typically results in pain in the front of the shoulder.


Many times, patients’ friends or relatives have told them that they need to get an MRI so that they can see exactly where the problem is. An MRI is a useful tool to visualize tendons, ligaments, and muscles. However, simple orthopedic tests can be done to determine the problem without having to go through the expensive MRI testing process. If we don’t expect internal injuries, we can easily treat the tendonitis here in the office. The following video explains more about this:


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Treatment for tendonitis will include various physical therapy and chiropractic techniques to help you recover faster. We will use electric stimulation, ice, and cold laser to decrease inflammation and pain. We may use the Graston Technique and massage therapy to get rid of excess scar tissue, which can limit movement and be a significant source of pain. We will give you various therapy exercises and stretches to work on at home to increase your range of motion and strength. We will also help accelerate your improvement with specific exercises performed in the office. Our goal is your goal, which is to help you get better in the most effective way possible.


We often treat people who have struggled with chronic shoulder pain. They are very surprised by the type of treatment we provide and wonder why their muscle pain and scar tissue were not addressed at other facilities. The Graston Technique speeds the healing process and reduces the likelihood of future shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries, supraspinatus, bicep sprains, and teres syndrome respond to the Graston Technique and deep-muscle massages, which help restore normal flexibility, strength, and a pain-free range of motion.


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