Shoulder Treatment with Graston Technique Sioux City

Shoulder Treatment with Graston Technique Sioux City

Scar tissue buildup in injured muscles and tendons can be a significant source of chronic pain and slow the healing of injuries. Imagine this: Scar tissue is like the duct tape that you use on a leaky pipe. You don’t have time to fix the pipe, so you throw a layer of duct tape on there, and the leak stops. Problem solved, right? At least, it is for now. Later on, the water starts leaking again, and you throw down another layer of duct tape for that quick, easy fix. Pretty soon, you have 25 or so layers of duct tape on the pipe, but it’s still leaking. That duct tape was easy to use, but the real source of the problem didn’t get fixed. You eventually have to strip off all the duct tape and fix the pipe properly.



Scar tissue is the “duct tape” for our muscles and tendons. It serves as a quick fix for the injury so that the muscles can keep working, although not as efficiently because it limits muscle movement. The body is supposed to break down this scar tissue after a while, but sometimes it “forgets” to do so. As we continue about our daily activities, we continue to make microscopic tears where the body laid down the original scar tissue. Each subsequent time we injure that area, the body lays more scar tissue down, which causes pain, limits movement even more, and doesn’t really fix the problem.


Graston Technique for shoulder pain.

Graston Technique is a great treatment for decreasing scar tissue, fascial adhesions, and improving shoulder and elbow tendinitis symptoms.

This process leads to chronic bicep sprains, supraspinatus tendinosis, or teres syndrome. Proper treatment removes the muscle spasms, scar tissue, and compensation injuries that increase the likelihood of developing shoulder injuries. The old standard treatment involved electric therapy, heat, ice, stretching, and exercise, but this is not the most effective treatment available today.


Active Release Technique (ART), manual therapy, massage therapy, and Graston Technique are excellent treatments for breaking up the layers of scar tissue that have accumulated over time. Graston Technique consists of using a stainless-steel tool to slide over the muscles and tendons and break up the scar tissue adhesions. This process gets deep into the muscles to break up the nodules of scar tissue so that your body can reabsorb them and effectively repair the muscles and tendons.


When this treatment is combined with other chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage treatments, the rate of healing increases rapidly. We will tailor a treatment plan that meets your needs and schedule. Most patients start to see improvement within just a few visits.


Learn more about the Graston Technique on the official website.

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