Low Back Exercises Building Foundation Sioux City

Low Back Exercises Building Foundation Sioux City

Lower Back Exercises – Pyramid Foundation
Have you ever started an exercise program and felt great? It could be working out at the gym, exercise classes, Pilates, or yoga. However, within 3 to 5 weeks, you experience severe back pain. The pain seems to come out of nowhere. You have been able to perform those exercises and activities for weeks; however, today you can hardly get out of bed.



This occurs when people try and do more than they are ready for. Some of the muscles were able to handle a higher workload than others. Going to the exercise was class challenged these muscles, and they were responding. However, some muscles were weaker and couldn’t handle the workload. They were being overwhelmed every time, and could not protect the back. Eventually, you go to the class feeling tired and fatigued, and these little muscles became overwhelmed. The fatigue produced a weak region in the lower back, which increases the chance of lumbar sprains and strains.


We describe exercise and therapy like building a pyramid. You have to have a very strong foundation before you move up to the next level. If you try and work at a level higher than you are ready for, the pyramid will eventually crack and falter.



Plank Exercises with Two Exercise Balls

Anterior Plank Exercises with two exercise balls requires a strong core that properly works together.

In the office, we will test core muscle strength of the front, back, right and left sides to determine how well the muscles work together. This gives us a better assessment of the functional abilities of your lower back. It is not uncommon to find people with very strong front and back muscles. However, they can have weakened sides and poor coordination patterns. This is why they get hurt going to the gym or yoga class, resulting in crippling lower back or sciatic pain. Treatment focuses on increasing the strength and endurance of the weakest areas to reduce their risk of future injuries


We’ve all heard the expression the weakest link in the chain breaks; this is also true of the muscles in your lower back.. The weakest link in the chain, or level in the pyramid, will eventually cause it to break or fall. By working on the weakest link and making it stronger, we reduce the risk of injury during exercise and in everyday life.


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