General Knee Pain Sioux City

General Knee Pain Sioux City

General Knee Pain
Knee pain is very common in daily life. Athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday people suffer from knee pain every year. Knee pain can occur in several locations in the front, back, side or inside of the knee. Runner’s knee, anterior knee pain and patellofemoral joint syndrome are common knee injuries. You may feel a dull, aching pain in your knee while walking, standing, bending, twisting or jumping. At its most severe, knee pain can greatly limit your activity at work, at play, and in your daily life.



Many people experience knee pain during home projects, work-related tasks, recreational activities, or sports. In most cases, self-care measures are enough to treat minor knee pain. Physical therapy can help with moderate knee pain, and surgery might be required for severe injuries.


Chondromalacia PatellaCauses of Knee Pain
Improper movement of the knee is the main cause of knee pain. Overloading or stressing the tendons or ligaments around the knee is at the root of most cases of tendinitis. Poor movements eventually overwhelm the tendons, ligaments and cartilage, leading to damage, inflammation, swelling and injury. People often think of knee injuries in terms of sports, but walking, squatting and other repetitive movements are very common causes of knee tendinitis.


Symptoms of Knee Tendonitis
Apart from an aching in the knee, there are a number common symptoms of knee tendonitis you should be on the lookout for, including tenderness, inflammation, instability, and locking (an inability to bend or straighten the knees). Ligament injuries cause pain even at rest. Walking, bending your knees, and putting weight on the knee can cause additional pain. A popping noise indicates the tearing of the ligament.
Being specific about the location of your knee pain or tenderness will help during the evaluation of your condition. Patella tendonitis,chondromalacia patella,IT Band, and bursitis are common injuries around the knee.


Knee pain and tendinitis

Muscles around the knee, common sites of tendinitis.

Treatment for Knee Pain
In minor cases, you can try some home remedies for the pain. Additionally, chiropractic and physical therapy clinics specialize in alleviating symptoms of knee tendinitis such as pain, inflammation and muscle spasms. In-office therapies may include electric therapy, massage therapy, cold laser and the Graston technique. Chronic knee tendinitis produces scar tissue in the muscle and tendons, which can also be a common source of pain. Treatment restores normal muscle movements, decreases scar tissue, and reduces inflammation. Stretching and strengthening exercises, recommended during treatment, can help in the recovery process.


For cases that do not respond to treatment, cortisone injections, administered by a primary-care physician, can reduce pain and inflammation. Knee braces will often reduce the daily stress placed on the knee, thus speeding recovery. Anti-inflammatory medications also help with the treatment and recovery process.


Specific exercises and stretches can be found on our treatment pages. These exercises start out easy, and then progress to more difficult activities. Many people respond to regular therapeutic exercise within a few weeks, and do not require further treatment. We’d very much encourage you to call our Chiropractic office if you’re seeking additional information. We’re very happy to provide you with further advice and treatment options.


Knee and Ankle ExercisesPrevention Tips for Knee Pain
It is not possible to prevent knee pain in all situations. But by following these basic prevention tips, you can prevent severe pain:

  • Increase the intensity of your physical activity gradually
  • Choose well-fitted sports shoes
  • Use proper movement technique during exercise and day-to-day activity
  • Take a break if your knees hurt
  • Try to maintain a healthy body weight


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