Psoas Muscle Hip Flex Injury Sioux City

Psoas Muscle Hip Flex Injury Sioux City

hip muscles - psoas and iliacus

The psoas and iliacus muscles fuse into one muscle as it crosses the front of the hip joint.

Hip Flexor Injuries
The hip flexor muscles are strong, powerful muscles that cross the hip. They can be injured during sprinting, jumping, and running. When injured, these injuries tend to heal slowly and are very frustrating.









What are the symptoms of injuries to the hip flexor?

  • Sharp, sudden pain in the iliac region after a heavy fall
  • Gradual, increasing pain in the hip with certain movements
  • Tenderness when palpating the muscles in the front of the hip
  • Stiffness and dull pain during the day
  • Sharp and stabbing pain during lifting, running, or fast hip flexion motions.


Who Is at Risk of Getting Hip Flexor Injuries?

  • Participants of sports with sudden impacts, like football or rugby
  • Runners – especially with hill running, spring, or sudden accelerations
  • Participants of sports involving frequent or awkward falls


Hip and IT band stretching.

Hip and IT band stretching to enhance flexibility for all muscles around the hip.

Treatment for Hip Strains
Ice and rest are the initial treatments for sprains and strains. Massage therapy can help limit pain and muscle spasms. Therapy involves decreasing the pain and inflammation, while increasing flexibility and strength. Specific exercises and stretches will be give for the hip flexor muscles, and will be focused not only on the injury, but also on preventing similar injuries in the future.



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