Hip Pain Muscle Trigger Point Tendonitis Bursiits Sioux City

Hip Pain Muscle Trigger Point Tendonitis Bursiits Sioux City

hip muscles, tendons, and bursa

Bursa are located under the hip muscles and under the tendons inserting on the hip

Hip Bursitis Symptoms and Treatment
The bursa is a fluid-filled sac that works to reduce friction between muscles, tendons, and bones. The hip contains several bursae that can be injured or inflamed. The irritated bursa is called bursitis. Trochanteric bursitis is a common cause of hip pain, which usually presents itself as tenderness of the outer hip.








Bursae are located all over the body, especially where tissues slide over adjacent tissues. The hip discomfort usually starts as stiffness and dull pain. Sharp pain can occur in more severe cases. The pain is most intense and sharp with movement or when the muscle compresses the bursa.


What Are the Causes of Hip Bursitis?
Soft tissue trauma and strain injuries are the most common causes of irritation, which leads to non-infectious bursitis. Joint disease and degenerative disk disorders are commonly associated with hip bursitis, along with repeated trauma.


One leg bridging on ball

Bridging exercise on one leg to enhance core and hip strength.

Symptoms of Hip Bursitis
Tenderness to the touch on the outer hip could indicate trochanteric bursitis. It will be painful to lie on your side while sleeping. The pain can often be sharp and severe, or it can cause a burning pain. The pain can be worse with activity, such as prolonged walking or running. It tends to be more severe, however, with prolonged sitting or standing.


Treatment involves decreasing the pain, irritation, and tenderness. Physical therapy treatments involve ice, heat, electric, ultrasound, massage therapy, and cold laser. Rest is important to decrease the strain and irritation on the bursa.


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