Neck Pain And Upper Back Strains Treated Graston Technique Sioux City

Neck Pain And Upper Back Strains Treated Graston Technique Sioux City

Graston Technique for neck and back pain.Graston technique is a fantastic tool for breaking up scar tissue and fascial adhesions in muscles, especially through the neck and shoulder. Muscles can develop scar tissue whenever they are overworked or injured. Usually when muscles are injured, the body protects itself by laying down more collagen fibers. Sometimes, it builds 10 perfect fibers for protection. Other times, it lays down eight good fibers and two bad fibers. These bad fibers are scar tissue. A single fiber of scar tissue is not going to cause much restriction or limitation. However, we tend to overwork and strain the same areas over months and years. Scar tissue fibers start to accumulate over time until we develop large patches of scar tissue.



In the office, we describe these patches of scar tissue as either an onion or spaghetti thrown at the wal. Spaghetti lands spread out in larger clumps on the wall. Onions have a center and grow in layers or concentric circles. Both analogies are somewhat accurate. Scar tissue clusters usually have a larger central area with smaller strands radiating from the center. This larger mass of scar tissue prevents normal muscle fiber sliding movements, and changes how muscles function.


Graston Technique for neck pain

Graston Treatment breaks up scar tissue, muscle spasms, and reduce muscle pain.

People often feel these large onions on their neck or upper shoulders as “knots that never go away.” Even during an hour-long massage, the knots feel better but remain large and unchanged. If it was simple muscle spasms, they would respond to massage therapy and the area would relax and heal. However, scar tissue patches cannot be broken down in a single session.


Graston technique, ASTYM, and other instrument-assisted techniques utilize tools to slide along the skin and pull one muscle layer past the other. The sheer force helps break up scar tissue between muscle layers. We are trying to peel that scar tissue onion one layer at a time, breaking it into pieces. The treatments break up scar tissue fibers and triggers the body’s healing mechanisms to break down the bad scar tissue patches. This also triggers healing mechanics, helping to lay down good muscle fiber tissue. In the next session, we work on the next layer of the onion.


Over time Graston Technique treatments will decrease the amount and size of scar tissue knots. These knots contribute to many people’s neck, upper back, and headache pain. By removing the scar tissue, the muscle can slide and function properly.


Many treatment plans involve combinations of Graston technique, massage therapy, active release technique, heat, ice, electric, cold laser, stretching, and strengthening activities. This combination of treatment helps decrease pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, strengthens the area, and enhances muscle flexibility.


The neck and upper back are very common sources of pain and scar tissue. Chronic slouching postures increase the workload on neck muscles, which can lead to scar tissue formation. Treatment that addresses the scar tissue can decrease much of this neck pain and headaches symptoms.

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