Neck And Back Pain Slouching Sioux City

Neck And Back Pain Slouching Sioux City

Chiropractic Care of Neck Pain and Back Pain from Slouching
Your cervical spine begins at the bottom of your skull and extends down to your shoulders. It is composed of seven small vertebrae. The joints and muscles of your neck are responsible for bearing the entire weight of your head, and facilitating its movement. As a result of poor posture, extra wear and tear on its muscles, bones, joints, and tendons can lead to neck pain and inflammation.



Slouching and Its Effect on the Neck and Back
Slouching, quite basically, is sitting or standing with your head and shoulders drooping forward. When you slouch, not only does your neck stick out forward, but your shoulder blades destabilize, and your middle back curves in the wrong direction.


Neck Stretching

After Graston, ART, and massage therapy stretching helps break up more scar tissue and lengthen the muscle.

Prolonged slouching has been found to be the most common cause of neck and back pain. When you have good posture, the weight of your head is directly above your shoulders. But every inch your head moves forward increases the strain on your muscles and tendons. Thus, poor posture can often lead to tension headaches, migraine headaches, tendonitis, shoulder pain, jaw pain, and disc injuries.


How Do You Get Neck Pain and Back Pain from Slouching?
When your neck protrudes forward, your head does likewise, away from your center of gravity. This causes the entire weight of the head to be placed on the wrong areas. Sitting like this for long periods of time overwhelms these joints and muscles, leading to injury and pain.


Over time, the shoulder blades that anchor the neck destabilize, stretching and tightening the wrong back muscles, and causing the middle back to curve outward. In turn, this forward stretch causes the back muscles, or back extensors, to weaken.


Thus, prolonged slouching weakens and damages your muscles and joints, leading to chronic neck and back pain. Increasing joint and muscle strain also often increases the chances of developing further neck pain from sleeping wrong, or from conducting normal exercises and movements.


Prevention of Neck and Back Pain from Slouching
Whether you are a habitual sloucher or your posture has recently started deteriorating, relief can be obtained by:

  • Correcting your posture
  • Relaxing your shoulders and back muscles
  • Strengthening your back muscles and joints
  • Aligning your spine
  • Chiropractic and physical therapy treatments


Graston Technique for neck pain

Graston Treatment breaks up scar tissue, muscle spasms, and reduce muscle pain.

Musculoskeletal pain can be improved with chiropractic and physical therapy treatments. Treatment will increase pain-free joint movement, decrease inflammation, and improve strength. Following an examination of your neck and back pain, a treatment plan will focus on improving your health. X-rays and MRIs may or may not be utilized to evaluate your condition: most cases of neck and back pain do not require advanced imaging. After properly diagnosing your condition, a treatment plan will be established for your specific condition and pain.


Active in-office approaches include chiropractic and physical therapy treatments designed to decrease pain and inflammation. Active treatment methods include electric stimulation, heat, ice, stretching, exercise, ultrasound, cold laser, Graston Technique, ART, ASTYM, massage therapy, and manual therapy. These treatments can be specifically focused and designed to enhance your recovery.


Neck pain and posture exercises

Neck strengthening exercises to reduce neck pain.

The ultimate goal of treatment is to decrease muscle pain and spasms in your neck and back. Severe and chronic injuries respond to Graston and massage therapy treatments. Combining these treatments with more traditional therapies will speed healing and recovery.


In addition to treatment, improving your posture over the long term will lessen the strain on your neck and back. In-office treatment might be required in the acute stages of pain, but ultimately, lasting improvement requires consistent attention to improving your posture.



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