Headaches At End Of Day Migraine OR Tension Sioux City

Headaches At End Of Day Migraine OR Tension Sioux City

End-of-Day Tension Headaches and Migraines
Tension headaches can be a mild annoyance, or they can be severely debilitating. I’m often amazed when people come into the office saying they are getting 4 to 6 headaches a week. The headaches tend to start in the upper neck and move toward the front of the head. The frequency of headaches increase over time, from 1-2 a month to occurring on a daily basis. This is when they finally start seeking out remedies and methods to control the headaches.



Tension headaches can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the most common causes we see in the chiropractic office is pain and irritation of the upper back and neck muscles, tendons, and joints. Poor posture overworks this area, triggering a sequence of events that lead to tension headaches.


Headaches and Computer

Tension headaches from sitting at the computer.

Headache sufferers are well aware of the basic patterns and headache triggers. If their work requires significant periods of computer usage, they notice more headaches, especially in the afternoon and evening hours. The headaches are usually worse at the end of the work week or after several long days.


The increased headaches are a result of their head and neck leaning forward, which places a greater workload on the neck and upper back muscles. These muscles eventually become fatigued and overwhelmed. Headache sufferers know they get some relief with over-the-counter pain relievers or NSAIDS, rest, ice, light stretching, and changing positions. During the progression of their headache, there is always a point in time when rest and ice will reduce the headaches intensity. However, there is also a point of no return, where their headaches will be severe and will not improve with rest, ice, or NSAIDs.


stretching and massage for neck pain

Chiropractic, massage therapy, and stretching help decrease neck pain and muscle spasms.

Combining chiropractic, massage, and therapy treatments address all of the muscle and joint factors that we can influence. Tension headache sufferers can feel significant and immediate relief with massage therapy, light exercise, stretching, Graston Technique, and physical therapy to their neck and upper back muscles. After two weeks, many people are impressed by the improvements that they feel. The intensity, frequency, and duration of their headaches significantly improves over treatment.


Many headache sufferers expect to have headaches for the rest of their life. The people who have experienced 5-6 days of headaches in a row become quite amazed when they begin to go weeks without a tension headache. With proper chiropractic, massage, and therapy people who suffer from tension headaches can experience significant and lasting relief.


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