Head, Neck, and Upper Back Pain

Head, Neck, and Upper Back Pain


Headaches are on a Continuum

One headache theory suggests that they can fluctuate along a continuum from mild to severe. Stressors cause the headaches to become more frequent, constant, and severe.


Migraine Headaches

Many people experience multiple migraines per month even with medication. Graston Technique and ART are excellent at breaking up scar tissue adhesions that trigger frequent headache episodes.


Posture Headaches

Slouching is a headache trigger. Whenever people say their headaches begin in their shoulders and radiate toward their eye, we know some great treatments for them.


Suboccipital Headaches

Headaches that start at the base of the skull are referred to as suboccipital headaches because of the muscles involved. Although similar to tension and migraine headaches, these respond to slightly different treatments.


Tension Headaches

Tension band headaches at the end of the day are often the combination of muscle and joint pain. The neck muscles are tired from being overworked and begin to radiate pain and trigger headaches.


Tension And Migraine Headache Treatment

Many people are unaware of the types of treatments available for tension and migraine headaches. People become accustomed to having headaches and think it is normal to have several headaches in a week. IT IS NOT NORMAL!


Neck Pain

Cervical Discs Radiating Arm Pain Neck
Neck disc bulges and herniations can produce severe and debilitating arm pain. Some people experience hand weakness, tingling, numbness, or changes in sensation.


Neck Pain Radiating into the Arm
Many types of neck sprains and strains cause pain that radiates from the spine to the shoulder or upper arm.


Arthritis Neck Pain
Several types of arthritis can cause joint degeneration and chronic pain. Different types of treatments can reduce the pain and maintain flexibility and movement, even in severe arthritic conditions.


Graston Treatment for Neck & Back Pain
Graston and Active Release Technique (ART) are two of the soft tissue techniques we utilize to decrease your neck pain.


Scalene Syndrome & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Muscle spasms in the scalene or pec minor muscles can compress the nerves and arteries as they travel down the arm. Patients experience hand pain and numbness as if their hands are going to sleep. It usually affects the entire hand, unlike carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel syndrome.


Upper Back Treatments

Rhomboid Muscle Pain and Treatment

Pain along the scapulae and toward the spine or base of the neck. The rhomboid muscles stabilize the shoulder and are important to all shoulder movements and activities.


Back and Shoulder Pain from Slouching
Continued slouching increases muscle and joint pain. We are all guilty of this, but chronic aches and pains benefit from treatment.


Clay Shoveler’s
A unique fracture of the spinous process of the cervical or thoracic vertebrae. Sharp pain is felt at the spine after an unexpected and forceful contraction of the trapezius muscles.


Dorsal Scapular Nerve Syndrome
A unique nerve entrapment that causes confusing neck and upper back pain. There is often a failure to diagnose this condition.


Interspinous Ligament Pain
Very common in motor vehicle accidents or any acceleration deceleration injury that stretches the ligaments between the spinous process, causing neck pain that can last months.


Jaw & Face Pain

Jaw Pain TMJ – TMD
TMJ pain can range from mild to severe, along with the other symptoms of jaw clicking, popping, altered mechanics, and inability to open wide.


Bell’s Palsy 
Damage to a nerve on the face causes paralysis. The cause is often unknown, but there are some treatment options available to speed your recovery.